• Is Microsoft the Next Google?

    If you have used any of Microsoft’s latest browsers, you’ve likely noticed Bing, the default search engine.  It is hard not to notice – the photography alone is jaw dropping.  Couple that with search results that tend to be spot on, an image searcher that shows previews you can see without squinting – one so good that it looks like Google upgraded theirs to compete with it – and a host of other features and you have to wonder if it is making Google a little nervous about its hold on the eyeballs of the world’s internet searchers.

    Bing is offering up some much needed competition.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Google is still in the lead and very likely will be for some time.  Still, Microsoft is doing a whole lot of things right with Bing – things it didn’t do right with its previous search engine, Live Search.  Microsoft is doing so much right with Bing these days that Google has actually resorted to advertizing itself – something it has not really had to do since it started.  Google has relied for years on simply being better than the competition.

    It has featured extremely clean interfaces, highly relevant results and as little intrusiveness as possible, and until now, that has worked.  It has bested Yahoo, Ask.com, and any other competitors and become the de facto powerhouse of the internet.  So much so that even Microsoft, with all its money and talent, is still the underdog here.  But even the underdog can come up ahead, and so Google is refining its search engine capabilities, improving the looks of the results and tweaking its supporting services to maintain its position at the top.  This means that, whether Bing dethrones Google or Google holds off the usurper, we consumers are the ones that win in the end!

  • Airbrush Your Photos in Picasa

    If you’re like many other people, you use Google Picasa to store, view, print and even order prints of your pictures.  You may use it to crop your photos and fix redeye and, if you are like me, you use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” fix religiously because it offers forgiveness to so many of my most egregious photographic sins.  However, you may not have noticed one of Picasa’s coolest tools for basic fixes – the “Retouch” tool.

    The retouch tool can get rid of things like spots, wrinkles and blemishes. It can be found in the same area as the other basic fixes. Once you have selected a picture, you will find it on the left hand side. Click on the “Retouch” tool, then use the zoom slide beneath the picture and the focus box on the right hand side to zoom in on the part of the picture you want to retouch.  Adjust the size of the brush to retouch just the area you want and click on the picture.

    Here, you have two ways to retouch your photo.  The first way is to click on the blemish, give the program a half second to analyze the area and, without moving your brush, click again.  This will smooth out wrinkles, hide spots and even blot out the stubble on a face that needs a shave.

    The other way is to click on the area you want to retouch, move your brush to an area you want your blemish to look like and click there.  This can lighten or darken areas by choosing lighter or darker points of reference.  This is especially useful to get rid of highlights or shadows.

  • Google’s Latest App – Mind Reading

    Google has had Auto complete for years.  If you have it turned on, you likely find that you seldom have to type to the end of your search phrase because Google has already filled it in as one of your choices.  If you haven’t turned it on yet, you might consider doing so.

    Google has put a huge amount of research into making its version of auto complete scarily accurate.  It bases its choice of terms to suggest on an amalgamation of all your search terms – whether for your current session or, if you signed on to them and have a history, for everything it has on you – and the search terms of the rest of the world.

    Granted, it’s not perfect.  Comedy sites like fail.com have begun regularly featuring some of Google’s more, um, colorful suggestions – whether this is a dig at the company or the sea of humanity that make these searches for Google to mine depends on your point of view.  Still, its suggestions are pretty good – good enough to feature an advertisements showcasing some of Google’s features.

    And it’s getting better.  Google has a dedicated team tweaking the results to make them more relevant to what you actually want to find.  Do you want to look up Obama?  He comes up as the second choice once you type in the letter “b” On the third letter, he takes up nine of the top ten spots and on the fourth, he owns the whole set of suggestions – each one relevant and useful.  And, if you are logged in to Google, it is very likely fine tuned to your particular views.  It’s almost as if Google is reading your mind.

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